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Episode 2: Our Living Rivers & Glens

In this episode:

I am joined by my brother as we travel from the Ringing Stone near Huntly to the famous Blue Lamp music pub in Aberdeen. On the way we take a cold water dip in the river Deveron, we sneak past Jock, the giant of Bennachie and we cook Hungarian Chicken Paprikash overlooking the city of Aberdeen.

All the while, we explore the inspiration behind the Our Living Rivers and Glens project, an album created from the experiences and legends of the North East of Scotland.

I listen to:

  • Our Rivers and Glens, Fraser Fifield
  • The Waters Meet, Iona Fyfe
  • The Picardy Stone, Arthur Coates
  • I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday (aka Jock Stewart), Jeannie Robertson
  • Blackbird, Martyn Bennet (ft Lizzie Higgins)
  • Kayak, Heisk (title music)